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    Side-Opening Container Promotions

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    Available Open-Side Containers

    Side-Open Containers

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    Additional Details about Side-Open Containers

    General Details about Side-Opening Containers

    What are side-open containers used for?

    Since they are highly versatile, side-open containers are used by businesses across various industries, including construction, warehousing, and manufacturing. In addition to transporting and storing goods, open-side containers are frequently used for creative building projects. Transform your side-opening container into a classroom, cafe, restaurant, and even office.


    What are the benefits of side-open containers?

    The major benefit of side-opening shipping containers is their side bi-fold doors that simplify the loading and offloading of goods with a forklift, a tractor, or a bobcat. This feature is particularly useful for unloading the items that are located deep inside the shipping container. 


    What are the available open-side container dimensions?

    Side-opening containers come in standard 20 ft. and 40 ft. lengths. They are available in regular (8’ 6”) and high cube heights (9’ 6”).


    How do you open an open-side container?

    The doors of the open-side container are similar to the regular container doors. You can open them either from the inside or the outside, depending on the handles. Some open-side container models even have roller doors instead of their standard counterparts, allowing you to move wide and bulky cargo into the container without getting it stuck


    Open-Side Container Dimensions
    Open-Side Container Renting and Renting-to-Own

    Open-Side Storage Container Information

    Open-side containers are some of the most versatile storage units on the market. As a shipping container with side-opening doors on one of the long sides of the container, you no longer need to worry about accidentally loading an important piece of cargo in the back end of a standard container. Easily load and unload heavy machinery from the side of the shipping container.

    This container also makes for a great addition for bars and restaurants, retail shops, and shipping container homes based on the already installed door hardware.

    • Made of corrugated steel
    • Lockable side bi-fold doors that open a full 270 degrees
    • Lockable standard cargo door
    • Available in both standard and high cube shipping container options


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    People and Industries Using Temporary Steel Shipping Containers

    At ModuGo, we provide a full line of temporary steel shipping containers available for sale, lease, and rent-to-own. Since they are highly versatile, our containers are used by businesses across various industries, from education to construction. Transform them into a coffee shop, office space, or a unique backyard project.

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    Education Storage Solutions

    Perfect for storing gym equipment, extra desks and records, container rentals solve storage problems for schools and universities all over the world.


    Construction Storage and Offices

    Temporary storage containers are perfect for all construction job site storage — tools, equipment, supplies and more. They make great on-site offices, too.


    Retail Storage

    Extra inventory has to go somewhere. Why not store it in a secure, weather-proof rental shipping container? When the extra inventory has moved, simply send it back.